TestOps & Automation

Together we ignite the future of your applications


We believe that having an open company culture and giving freedom to our colleagues and the way they work results in taking responsibility and will increase professional and individual growth for each one of them.


Being a trustworthy partner, by delivering what we promised, is important to us. In our point of view, building trust between colleagues and customers is the best way to create lasting relationships.


Nobody is alone while working at b.ignited. Sharing knowledge with each other, helping when someone needs it… results in a strong, internal bond between our colleagues. But not just that, forming a unity with our customers and their teams, creates better applications and gives time back to those who need it.

If you ask our team how they would describe the core business of b.ignited in one sentence, they will say: we produce no-nonsense software, automated by testing wizards. And honestly, we cannot find a better way to say it ourselves.

Helping our customers produce quality software is what we do best. Being on top of technology is only one of our objectives. By making sure our team has everything they need to create the best Test Automation solutions, going from the right knowledge to the eagerness to start a project, we want to be the best partner for qualifying their software products.

Our Internal Expertise


  • Java

  • .NET / C#

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript


  • AWS

  • Google Cloud

  • Azure


  • Cypress

  • Selenium

  • Selenide

  • Postman

  • SoapUI

  • Playwright



  • AWS

  • Terraform

b.ignited: the answer to all your test automation problems

Continuous learning

Monthly workshops, knowledge sharing sessions, extra training… by offering our team all those learning opportunities we want them to be up to date with innovative technologies, tools and professional skills. This not only helps them grow professionally, but it also allows us to offer you the best qualified consultants for your test automation projects.

Fully Certified in ISTQB and AWS

Our entire team is fully certified in AWS and ISTQB. From the moment they start working for us, we give them the courses they need to get the two certifications. In addition, we continue to motivate everyone to obtain or renew certifications throughout the year.

Cloud Based Services: T3AS

Always putting our services to the test and looking at the needs of the customer has led to the offer of Test Automation as a Service.

Open Source Tools

Our solutions are platform/OS agnostic. The choice between one of our open source frameworks can be installed on multiple OS’s and execute automated tests on mobile devices, web and Windows applications. By using these tools, we are more flexible to start any project.